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Koh Kood


          Koh Kood just south of Koh Chang, its more popular neighboring island, Koh Kood is far less developed and consequently more idyllic. A rather flat island covered almost entirely with native forest or coconut and rubber plantations, Koh Kood has a number of pristine beaches with crystal clear water.
          Despite being the fourth largest island in Thailand, Koh Kood has managed to remain an unspoiled slice of tropical heaven. Located in Trat Province, Koh Kood is the southernmost of the Koh Chang island chain. With gorgeous beaches and little other infrastructure it’s a resort destination that caters to those looking for a quiet beach paradise, with soft sand, crystal clear water, and little else. Relaxing is the predominate activity on this island, whose unspoiled nature and leisurely local lifestyle are the prime attractions. Snorkeling or exploring the islands beaches and forests are activities for the more adventurous, although boat trips to nearby islands for sightseeing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are also options. A small fishing village, located at Ao Salat on the Northeast of the island, provides an opportunity to experience island culture.
          Koh Kood is a pristine island ideal for a relaxing beach holiday and ideal for a beach wedding

Hotel & Resorts, Koh Kood, Trat, Thailand
          There are recommended hotels in Koh Kood, Check it out your travel plan accommodation and wedding reception venue

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Tinkerbell Privacy Resort

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Koh Kood Beach Resort

Koh Kood Resort

The Beach Natural Resort Koh Kood

Siam Beach Resort Koh Kood

The Sunshine Resort

Pa Hin Sai Resort

A-Na-Lay Resort

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