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Koh Rayang

          Rayang Island is mostly popular in Europeans tourist market for many years and well known by the name of “Koh Rayang”. Approximately 1.2 kilometers away from west coast of Koh Mak is where this little paradise has located and take several minutes by long-tail boat to get there. Koh Rayang is one of 52 islands group in Trat which it is the province boarder in Eastern of Thailand before you go to Cambodia.
          Koh Rayang is private island owned by local Thai’s family, itself has an area just about 12,000 square meters fill up with tropical landscaping of natural brushwood from hill side leading down to fascinating white sand beach. With its crystal clear water, you can seek either of colorful corals or aquatic animals by snorkeling around the shoreline easily. View Point Hill, you will have a beautiful panorama view of Koh Rang where is famous place for tourist diving area. In the night, here is a romantic place indeed under the moon light and candle. The environment of unspoiled nature will keep you free for silent holiday during stay.
Hotel & Resorts, Koh Rayang, Trat, Thailand
          There are recommended hotels in Koh Rayang, Check it out your travel plan Accommodation and .
Koh Rayang's also the only resort there call Rayang Phurin Resort

Rayang Phurin Resort

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